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Svijeće Špoljar j.d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as Svijeće Špoljar), VLADIMIRA NAZORA 25,10298 DONJA BISTRA, OIB (personal identification number): 60097654757, collects and processes personal data in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

The protection and security of personal information of our customers, clients and business partners is Svijeće Špoljar’s priority.

Please read this information carefully!

Personal Data Processing Manager

Svijeće Špoljar is the manager of personal data processing in accordance with the law and regulations on personal data protection. Svijeće Špoljar as the Personal Data Processing Manager determines the purpose and means of processing personal data and is responsible for storing and using personal data in paper and/or electronic form.

Svijeće Špoljar may also be the processing person of personal data in the processing of personal information in accordance with the written instructions of the data processing manager.

Personal Data Protection Official

In accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, Svijeće Špoljar has appointed a Personal Data Protection Officer, who you can contact regarding any issues related to the processing of personal data or the exercise of the right to the protection of personal data.

Contact: or via contact center +385 1 3314 116.

Personal information we collect

The personal information we collect depends on: the type of service we provide to our customers, users and clients, the intention of the customer to use our services, the type of contract we make with our customer, and the intention of customers to use their rights based on legal and regulatory provisions on personal protection data. In the first row we are dealing with data without which we can not perform the service and include at least:

  • basic personal data (name and surname)
  • basic contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address)
  • information related to the use of
  • data related to the use of the Svijeće Špoljar webshop
  • other personal data necessary for the realization of client’s rights based on consumer protection laws.

Collecting and use of personal data

Svijeće Špoljar collects and manages personal information for the purpose of buying and selling goods and services from its own bidding, and fulfills legal and regulatory obligations as well as for the purpose of achieving its own legitimate interests of legitimate business.

If we are required by the relevant legal regulations, we will, for certain reasons, ask the user explicit privilege.

The reasons for processing personal data for the purpose of making and fulfilling the contractual obligations are:

  • sales of goods and services
  • sales and marketing activities of Svijeće Špoljar
  • managing the contractual relationship
  • managing and receiving complaints, objections and reclamations
  • delivery of purchased goods
  • the billing process or forced debit collection

The reasons for processing your personal information based on our legitimate business interests are:

  • notification of changes related to terms of business
  • preventing and detecting fraud

For all other activities that are not covered by the above reasons, we will request additional consent. Our clients, at any time, have the right to withdraw the given consent.

Accessing Personal Data

Svijeće Špoljar undertakes technical and organizational measures to process personal data collected only in a manner consistent with the intended purpose. If necessary for the purpose of carrying out our business activities, access to personal data will be made available to third parties: state bodies and public authorities that have the right to access personal data for the purpose of law enforcement; lawyers, service providers, printers, financial institutions and other business partners.

All except government bodies and public authorities collect personal data solely according to Svijeće Špoljar instructions.

Personal Data Processing

User personal data will be processed within the European Economic Area (EEA) by the processing agents listed in the chapter Accessing Personal Data and whose responsibility and obligation to protect personal information and to maintain their confidentiality is defined by contractual relationship and in accordance with all technical and organizational measures and legal regulations regulating data protection. Your personal information collected by Svijeće Špoljar j.d.o.o. for the purposes set out in the chapter Collecting and using personal data will not be available to anyone who has no Svijeće Špoljar authority.

Realization of Rights

When it is legally foreseen, the user, buyer, client has the right to know the information on processing his/her personal data; withdraw his/her consent at any time, if we process personal information along with the given consent; correction or supplementation of personal data to always be accurate; deleting personal data when it is no longer needed for the above purposes; filing a complaint to Svijeće Špoljar j.d.o.o. or the competent state body.

Svijeće Špoljar secures communication channels for all interested parties for the exercise of their rights related to the protection of personal data and by requesting:

  • personally at any Svijeće Špoljar sales center
  • via e-mail sent to Svijeće Špoljar registered e-mail address at or
  • via the web-form from the Svijeće Špoljar club for registered users of the club.

Regardless of the selected communication channel, the request is submitted personally and in a way that SOAP employees are enabled to identify the applicant.

Right to Objection to the Supervisory Body

Besides the objection to the processing of personal data filed to Nitesco Artis d.o.o., the objection to the processing of personal data can also be filed to the Personal Data Protection Agency , Martićeva 14, Zagreb, 00385 (0)1 4609 999, ,

Keeping personal data

The time period for the storage of personal information of the user depends on the purpose for which we handle them.

  • Data collected only for the purpose of providing sales transactions or providing other services is kept for 12 months from the date of the last transaction in which they were used (for example, delivery, complaint, etc.)
  • Legally based processing data is kept in accordance with the time limits of the provisions of the law in question (eg Accounting Act, etc.)


For any questions about the use of your personal information, you can contact us by phone, e-mail or mail as follows:

  • by sending an e-mail to
  • in writing to: Svijeće Špoljar j.d.o.o., VLADIMIRA NAZORA 25,10298 DONJA BISTRA
  • via web form at
  • by calling the contact center on +385 1 3314 116

For communication to exercise the rights related to the protection of personal data, it is necessary to use the communication channels defined in the chapter entitled “Realization of Rights” in order for each request to be dealt with and the user as initiator identified.

Updating Personal Data Processing Information

Svijeće Špoljar regularly revises and updates Information on processing personal data in accordance with changes in its own business processes or on the basis of legal and regulatory obligations. Valid version Personal data processing information is available on our site If significant changes are made to a greater extent affecting the processing of personal data, we will immediately disclose the information on the website and inform you directly.

Terms of Processing Personal Data for Services: Delivery, Installation and Returns

For the purpose of providing services for the measurement, delivery, installation, and the return of goods Svijeće Špoljar collects the following data:

  • name and surname
  • the address of the delivery or takeover of the goods
  • phone and/or mobile phone number
  • delivery address information

We disclose the above information to contracted business partners, logistic service providers, for the purpose of performing contracted services. Service-Providers are authorized by Svijeće Špoljar to process customer data solely for the purpose of performing contracted services.

Cookies and Internet activity monitoring

The cookie is a text file that the websites you visit store on the user’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone). Svijeće Špoljar uses cookies to make it easier for visitors to access the Svijeće Špoljar website. The information we collect with cookies is used to remember settings and user activities on the website as they browse the items, scroll through the pages, put products in the shopping cart and so on.

Cookies can be deleted or blocked at any time by the user in their browser settings. If the user with blocked cookies accesses Svijeće Špoljar web pages of a particular functionality on the page it will not be possible.

Svijeće Špoljar on the Svijeće Špoljar Webshop site uses customer analytics and customer tracking services such as Google Analytics. The service provider may use cookies to track user visits to our and other Internet sites, and according to that, display Svijeće Špoljar paid ads or other users’ ads. An ad can be halted by the ad serving provider site.